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The Lancaster Group's staff is made up of highly-professional, experienced consultants, and a support staff of equally professional personnel in its North Carolina offices, having served financial institutions in 48 states.


Our History

The Lancaster Group was founded by a group of senior financial institution executives in 1977 in response to a perceived need in the financial services industry for a market analysis and facilities feasibility firm that did not benefit from its recommendations to a client, concentrated only in that industry and completely understood the needs of financial institutions from the perspective of Management and the Board of Directors.

Prior to that time, the industry had primarily been served by a handful of large firms that conducted not only facilities feasibility and location analyses, but also constructed the recommended structure, a practice that oftentimes was not of benefit to the client.

Because of the rapidly changing nature of the financial services business that began in the mid-70s, it was believed that a highly-professional organization of experienced, well-trained individuals, with extensive knowledge of the financial service industry and a dedication to that industry, and one that could be totally objective and credible, would be well-received in the industry.

The Lancaster Group Staff

Many organizations that offer consulting services utilize people with little or no experience within the industry for which they consult; not so with The Lancaster Group.

At TLG, our professional staff personnel, in addition to outstanding academic credentials, possess many years’ experience in an actual hands-on environment within the industry. Many have been financial institution Presidents and all have held senior officer positions for many years in major financial institutions. Without exception, all were well-known and respected officers within the industry prior to joining TLG and all have become highly respected in the feasibility and location consulting field over the past 34 years.

TLG personnel are frequent authors on matters involving the industry and service delivery systems for the industry, with articles periodically appearing in national and regional publications, and are speakers and panelists at industry meetings and seminars throughout the United States.


Why Work With TLG

One of the many advantages of utilizing TLG for facilities feasibility and location analyses, and alternative service delivery studies, is that our people have been on the management and Board sides of the desk. Our people understand financial organizations from the Management and Board perspective. All of our people appreciate internal requirements, budgets, timetables, and most of all; our people have a keen appreciation for the organization from the inside, not just from an academic perspective.

Furthermore our personnel have a keen understanding of all the issues that impact upon facilities feasibility and location facilities, including e-commerce, internet banking, electronic branch offices that are popular today, telephone response systems, the various types of automated banking systems that are available, and all other issues that must be considered as part of a branching strategy.

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