Bank Branch Analysis

Survival In Today’s Market

Depends On Making The Right Strategic Decisions

The Lancaster Group is the industry leader in providing banks, community banks, thrifts and credit unions with accurate, unbiased analysis of branch location placement, relocation, and evaluation for possible closure. We are the BEST in bank site selection because we are led by financial institution veterans that know what makes a branch location successful.

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For forty years, in forty-eight states, for over 4,000 financial institution clients, our organization has established the most outstanding track record of any independent facilities analysis firm. We provide our clients with information that is accurate, unbiased and impartial. Since we do not build buildings, sell equipment, or benefit in any way from our recommendations to a client, our focus is solely on helping you establish the most profitable branch network possible.

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Competitive Partnering

An Industry Leading Process

1. Establishing a New Branch Office

Considering a new branch or other type of facility? Our proven methodology for bank site selection and branching will make this process smoother and more successful for your financial institution.

2. Evaluating Branch Placement

It is the “Market” that determines whether or not you should acquire property, lease a building or store-front unit and/or build a new branch. Should you lease a unit in a plaza shopping center or should you construct a new building? The costs for each are much different, but so are the results. Let The Lancaster Group assist you in evaluating the market you have in mind.

3. Existing Branch Analysis

We conduct a complete review and analysis of an existing branch facility, and the market of that facility, to determine existing and future potential of the office, alternatives to less-than-desirable performance of the office, and the outlook in the specific market for medium to long-term performance of the specific facility.

4. Make Informed Decisions

Our actionable data and expertise in bank site selection will assist you in making informed decisions about your financial institution’s branch network.

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Get Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions

After a detailed analysis of your financial institution and its markets, we can provide you with answers to some of your most pressing questions:

  • Should we branch at this time?
  • Are our branch offices strategically placed to optimize market share?
  • Are the conditions for branch expansion right?
  • Should we acquire a location in a strip mall or should we acquire land and invest in brick and mortar?
  • Should we open an LPO office first? What conditions justify this?
  • What conditions should be present to know that closure or branch merger is the right option?