What We Do

iStock_000010354068XSmallIs your board of directors discussing expansion into a new area of your community, county or state?

Do you have a branch in your network that is not performing to your expectations?

Are you contemplating acquiring a branch or another financial institution?

TLG Specializes in Providing Banks and Credit Unions the Necessary Data That Will Reduce the Risk Involved with Decisions Involving Large Capital Outlays.

The TLG Advantage – We come to you

The advantage of hiring The  Lancaster Group is our 40 years of experience performing thousands of bank site selections in forty-eight states.  That much experience performing branch and ATM feasibility studies is uncommon in this industry.

Our clients are

  • Banks
  • Commercial Banks
  • Community Banks
  • Thrifts
  • Credit Unions

Services We Provide

  • Branch expansion analyses
  • Existing branch or site analysis
  • Branch network optimization
  • ATM feasibility and placement

These services are our specialty.  To our knowledge, we are the only firm in the nation that specializes in this service without having the bias of making money from the construction or the real estate transaction, because we are not builders or realtors….we are bankers.

TLG produces for our client:

  • Deposit Growth Projections are provided for our client’s candidate sites and TLG’s recommended sites.  They will help you determine which locations generate the greatest positive impact on your overall network.

We compute the projected deposit growth for the location(s) for the next five years.  Our projections assist our clients in making difficult decisions regarding deploying a branch into a new market.