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The Power of Unbiased Insights

Our Strategy

As a leading financial services consultancy, we have over 40 years of experience helping banks like yours navigate the complex challenges of branch network optimization.

Our comprehensive branch analysis services provide the unbiased data and strategic recommendations you need to:

Open or Close Branches:

Identify underperforming or high-potential locations.

Optimize ATM Placement:

Ensure your ATM network meets customer demand.

Consolidate Branches:

Streamline your footprint without losing market share.

Gain Mystery Shopper Insights:

Understand the customer experience at every touchpoint.

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Why We’re The Best

Decades of Expertise Powering Financial Institutions

  • Over 40 years of experience providing actionable data to financial institutions in 48 states
  • Deep understanding of the financial industry, having held senior leadership roles in major institutions

Tailored Solutions for Maximum ROI

  • Every site recommendation comes with a guaranteed ROI
  • On-site analysis to fully understand your unique needs and challenges

Impartial, Client-Focused Approach

  • No conflict of interest - our recommendations are solely focused on helping you establish the most profitable branch network possible
  • Unbiased insights to drive your financial success

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As the President of The Lancaster Group, I bring over 40 years of personal experience in branch network optimization and location strategy.

My unique blend of data analysis, market research, and change management skills allows me to uncover hidden opportunities and implement transformative solutions for financial institutions like yours.

Partner with me, and I will personally guide you every step of the way.  Let’s talk!

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Janet Miller, President, The Lancaster Group