Strategic Planning

Do you have a vision for your financial institution, but struggle to get your team to execute? Or are you so focused on addressing the challenges of today that you can’t think about next year?

Strategic PlanningWe gather financial performance data, conduct market and competitive research and interview key members of the planning team to learn about your markets, products, delivery capabilities, technology and culture.

Our process when facilitating your bank strategic planning session is designed to:

  • Draw out the best ideas from all participants to identify opportunities, confront realities and collaborate on solutions
  • Identify the top 3-5 winning strategies that can be implemented to drive real, measurable results
  • Force prioritization. Community and small regional banks do not have the resources of the big banks so they must focus on the most important strategies.
  • Streamline the strategic plan to one page.  Strategy cannot be executed if it cannot be communicated.
  • Force accountability. Each annual and quarterly strategy requires a due date, a name and a clear way to measure that it’s been completed.

Then in a 2-day on-site working session, we construct the following:

  • Your core values and purpose
  • Your single mid- to long term goal
  • Your brand promise and how to measure it
  • Your 3-5 year financial targets and the Top 5 strategies to get you there
  • Your 1 year financial targets and the Top 5 strategies to get you there
  • Your next quarter financial targets and the Top 5 strategies to get you there
  • The key metrics to track your progress and individual accountability towards these goals

We will revisit the plan with you at the next quarter, make any adjustments to the annual plan and develop the plan for the next quarter. We’ll also have a monthly check in call to gauge progress and provide coaching on execution.

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