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Client Testimonials

- $250 million credit union in Kansas

We hired The Lancaster Group to review our branch network of ten offices that are located in six counties. Several of these branch offices were recently acquired by us. TLG analyzed each and provided data to support closing one of the offices, and in turn, specified new locations that would be more successful. We are very happy with the results.

- $1.4 billion bank in Indiana

The Lancaster Group has helped us select the right locations to enhance our franchise. Their analysis is in-depth and clear. TLG provides definitive steps to effectively expand operations. TLG has helped us enhance shareholder value.

- $400 million bank in New York

We have utilized TLG on a number of occasions to review branch offices that were for sale because of local bank mergers. We also had TLG to review one of our branches that was not performing to our expectations. Their research, methodology and recommendations have defined our course of action in each instance. Their advice has saved us from several potentially adverse decisions. Additionally, their recommendations have helped us increase our market share exponentially.

- $8 billion credit union in California

We recently engaged TLG to perform an Existing Branch Analysis on a portion of our branch network. One of our offices had a lease that was expiring in six months and we needed to know if this branch should be relocated or permanently closed. TLG provided data that supported the relocation of this office, and they also provided us with several other lease options. TLG took the guess-work out of our situation and provided us with effective alternatives.

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  • What conditions should be present to know that closure or branch merger is the right option?